Bolbec April 2024 Parc Du Val Aux Gres Skatepark CsntBolbec April 2024 Parc Du Val Aux Gres Skatepark Csnt
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Audio tour Bolbec's heritage

Discover Bolbec's heritage

Discover the town’s rich history and heritage with this audio tour.
For just over an hour, immerse yourself in the Bolbec of 1905, guided by Louis Desgenétais, heir to the factory of the same name. Follow the tour with Louise and Javotte, two colorful washerwomen! Curious and talkative by nature, their questions will put you on the trail of the town’s secrets.
You’ll learn all about Bolbec’s thriving textile industry, which shaped the town we know today. From the Church of Saint-Michel to the Town Hall, via the former Desgenétais factory and the Chapelle Sainte-Anne, the tour will take you to Bolbec’s most emblematic sites.

Audio guide

For added comfort, bring your headphones!

Audio produced by Metilè with the participation of Compagnie Les Pieds au Mur.

audio-guide-definitif-1.mp3Pour plus de confort, munissez vous d’écouteurs ! Bande audio réalisée par Metilè et avec la participation de la Compagnie Les Pieds au Mur.

The route

  • The large mill in ruelle Papavoine
  • Saint-Michel church
  • Protestant temple
  • Val-aux-Grès castle
  • Town Hall
  • Vallot mill
  • Paul Martin Hall
  • Sainte Anne Chapel
  • Former Desgenétais factory
  • Vivier path
  • The workers’ houses

Site can be visited by bus on line 20 Le Havre – Caudebec

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