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Experience the Adventure to the Rhythm of Nature

On foot, on horseback, on bike, on mountain bike or even on trail circuits, it’s in the heart of nature, on demanding or relaxing trails, that we invite you to try out and, without a doubt, adopt our destination.

Explore Caux Seine Nature and Adventure trails

Put on your best sneakers and set off on the hiking and trail trails. Over 1,000 kilometers of trails, maintained and signposted by the Tourist Office, criss-cross the Caux Seine region. And there’s something for everyone.

  • 20 hiking trails:

6 easy, 10 medium, 4 difficult

  • 8 mountain bike trails:

1 easy, 2 medium, 2 difficult, 3 very difficult

  • 6 cycling tours :

2 easy, 3 medium, 1 difficult

  • 8 equestrian trails :

from 22 to 55 km

  • 9 trail trails :

2 easy, 3 medium, 3 difficult, 1 very difficult

Caux Seine is a playground where you can have fun, measure yourself and test your endurance.

And to leave nothing to chance, the Rando&Trail en Caux Seine app lets you carry all our routes in your pocket.

Application Rando & Trail en Caux - Seine
  • 8 parcours de trail
  • 8 parcours de VTT
  • 4 parcours de cyclo
  • 18 parcours de randonnée
  • 8 itinéraires à cheval
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Hiking in all its forms