Rives En Seine April 2024 Restaurant Le Skali Saint Wandrille Rancon Gastronomique CsntRives En Seine April 2024 Restaurant Le Skali Saint Wandrille Rancon Gastronomique Csnt
©Rives En Seine April 2024 Restaurant Le Skali Saint Wandrille Rancon Gastronomique Csnt|CSNT

Gourmet addresses For gourmets!

What better prospect than a real, good meal after a long walk between the Seine and the sea? Generous plates, visuals that make you salivate, smells that make you succumb to greed… This is where it all happens, on our plates, in Normandy!

The Skáli Rives-en-Seine

New to the destination and already popular with the public, Skáli enjoys an ideal location, right next to the Fontenelle abbey in Saint-Wandrille-Rançon. Alexandre and Timothée design their menus around seasonal, short-cut produce. The cuisine is an experience in itself: modern and creative, the dishes are colorful and rich in flavor.

Le Normandie Terres-de-Caux

It’s a meal where the pleasure of the taste buds mingles with the pleasure of the eyes, right in the heart of Fauville-en-Caux. Le Normandie restaurant serves traditional cuisine in a warm and welcoming setting. This friendly, family-run restaurant prepares refined, generous dishes using carefully selected produce that is both beautiful and tasty.

L'Auberge du Moulin Vatteville-la-Rue

Here’s another not-to-be-missed address for an intimate meal. The Auberge du Moulin boasts a warm decor and a talented duo of owners. Madame in the kitchen creates memorable dishes, and Monsieur in the service department makes sure everything is perfect. All that’s left to do is to plunge into the gustatory voyage offered around seasonal seafood products, in a unique, high-quality menu.

Le Magnolia Rives-en-Seine

Why not take advantage of Le Magnolia’s exceptional location? Whether indoors or out on the comfortable terrace, in the shade of the eponymous century-old tree, you’ll be immersed in an impressionist painting with a breathtaking view of the Seine and the boats on the river. In the restaurant or tea room, you’ll be served seasonal produce – an address not to be missed between the Seine and the sea!

Hunters' Rendezvous Maulévrier-Sainte-Gertrude

In this charming restaurant just opposite the church in Maulévrier, the menu is based on local Caux Seine produce.

The cuisine is delicate, faithful to Normandy’s terroir, the plates hearty and the service attentive. Menus change every four weeks, with a selection of 4 starters, 4 main courses and 4 desserts. A trou normand and cheese can complete the meal for those with a wolf’s appetite!

La P'tite Auberge Lillebonne

Here’s a table not to be missed in the ancient city. The chef at La P’tite Auberge cooks with fresh, quality produce, respecting the seasons. The dishes are both meticulous and hearty, enhanced by the impeccable service of the team. Culinary discoveries abound, and the visual appeal and fragrance of the dishes on offer live up to their taste.