Heurteauville March 2022 Tourbiere Heurteauville Water Plan CsntHeurteauville March 2022 Tourbiere Heurteauville Water Plan Csnt
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Sensitive natural areas

Caux Seine has two sensitive natural areas. The first is the Tourbière d’Heurteauville on the left bank of the Seine. The second is on the right bank, in the Bois de Villequier.

Heurteauville peat bog

The Espace Naturel Sensible (ENS) of the Heurteauville peat bog is located in the heart of the Seine valley and is a rare wetland with exceptional biodiversity.
The peat was mined from 1758 to 2007, but the Département de la Seine-Maritime undertook to restore, protect and enhance this natural heritage by acquiring the site in 2005.
Extensive development work has made it possible to open the Heurteauville peat bog to the general public on July 15, 2021, so that they can discover the actions taken to conserve the site’s riches and the specific species that depend on this fragile environment.
Three interpretive trails will take you through this mysterious landscape, home to rare and protected plants such as the round-leaved sundew and a prehistoric fern called the royal fern.
The many birds that fly over the pond or nest on the small islands will amaze you at the observatory.
Visits are free all year round. A voyage of discovery along
4 km of discovery trails

Villequier Wood

The Bois de Villequier overlooks the Seine, and its flora and fauna make it a sensitive natural area managed and owned by the Seine Maritime département.

Located above the picturesque village of Villequier, the wood is characterized by the presence of numerous springs. The wetlands of the Bois de Villequier are home to rare plant and animal species.

In this context, numerous pools explain the presence of certain endangered species of insects and amphibians, most notably the spotted salamander.

The natural site of Bois de Villequier overlooks the meandering river and offers pleasant views of the Seine.

Villequier’s history dates back to Roman times. The village also shares a common history with Victor Hugo. It was here that his daughter Léopoldine drowned in the Seine on September 4, 1843. The graves of Léopoldine, her mother and her sister can be seen in the cemetery. On the banks of the Seine, a museum is dedicated to the writer.

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