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Château d'Ételan Medieval jewel

The wonders of the Seine Valley are often referred to as nuggets. But in this case, it would be more accurate to speak of a pearl, a diamond even, so exceptional is Château d’Ételan’s beauty, as much as its history.

Come on in! Let us guide you

A Family Saga in the service of history

It was King Louis XII’s chamberlain, Louis Picard d’Estelan, who launched its construction in the final years of the century, no doubt influenced by the Italian architecture he had discovered a few years earlier.

François 1er may never have been here, but it’s highly likely that he heard of Château d’Ételan, especially when he came to the region to build the port of Le Havre, which he ordered in 1717. At the same time, he was staying not far away, on the other bank of the Seine at Vatteville-la-Rue.

However, it is known that Catherine de Médicis did visit Château d’Ételan. The year was 1563. The regent of the kingdom of France was in Le Havre to galvanize the Catholic troops opposing the Huguenots. After the victory, Catherine de Médicis, accompanied by her son, the future Charles IX, settled in Ételan and took advantage of her stay in Normandy to obtain from Michel de l’Hospital and the Parliament of Rouen a reduction in the royal age of majority from 14 to 13. Charles IX thus left the Château d’Ételan as King of France.

Other famous figures to have visited Château d’Ételan include Voltaire and Gustave Eiffel.

But the story doesn't end there

During the Second World War, the château was occupied by the German army’s veterinary services. During this period, an accidental fire destroyed a large part of the building. The château was virtually abandoned, to the point where it threatened to fall into ruin.

But in 1974, a family from Le Havre decided to revive the château and restore it to its former glory.

The Boudier family fell in love with the place. Jacques and Françoise Boudier, supported by their three sons, embarked on a wild adventure.

But make no mistake, the Boudier family’s aim is not to become a châtelain. No, the only thing guiding them from then on was to restore the grace and elegance of Château d’Ételan. And this was to last for over 30 years.

Renovation, Passion
and Transmission 

The château has now been renovated. The chapel dedicated to Sainte-Madeleine is a real gem. The sumptuous stained glass windows have been restored and unique frescoes have been uncovered. Since 1980, it has been listed as a historic monument.

Today, 50 years on, Jacques and Françoise Boudier are gone, but two of their three sons are continuing the work they started. Marc and Alain enjoy showing visitors around the château with love and passion. They are the servants of a unique place where great history loves to rub shoulders with little.

Again and again, it’s a question of maintaining and bringing to life this landmark of the region, and it’s now the third generation that is gradually taking over.