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The Seine

The Seine has long been a natural frontier.
“L’autre côté de l’eau” is used to describe the other side of the river.

The Bridges of the Seine : Eternal Ties

What is a Seine pilot?

The Seine is also home to huge ships, often container ships. These giants of the seas are entrusted to the vigilance of Seine pilots when they enter the Seine and sail up to the port of Rouen. The changeover between two pilots takes place halfway between Le Havre and Rouen, at Caudebec-en-Caux. We went to meet one of these pilots, Patrick Duquenoÿ, who tells us about his passion for the river he calls his home, “one of the most beautiful navigable rivers in the world”.

“I never tire of the Seine valley, it’s never the same from one season to the next. In autumn, the colors of the forests clinging to the cliffs create such a rich tapestry! I particularly like the first green shoots of spring in May, and the trees and flowers near Heurteauville and Jumièges. I see lots of birds, including storks, waders and swans! There’s a greater diversity of species. Ship captains marvel at the well-preserved, wilder areas along the farmlands. The rapeseed fields, the blue of the flax fields and the patterns left by the farmers who work the land offer a magnificent view from the Seine.”

The Seine, a source of inspiration

The Seine has always been a source of inspiration for artists. The Seine valley, bathed in ever-changing light, was immortalized by the Impressionists and continues to inspire and seduce local painters and photographers with its palette of colors. Olivier Desvaux, a painter who lives on the banks of the Seine in Villequier, has also found here what he so admires and inspires in the work of the Impressionists. Villequier and the Seine also influenced Victor Hugo, but in a more tragic way. The drowning of his daughter Léopoldine and her husband inspired several of his most famous poems, which have linked the name of this great figure of French literature to the small Normandy village.
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